Who We Are



The Feerick Law Office was opened in the Fall of 2000 and is devoted to dispute resolution services.


We know from long experience that the alternative-dispute-resolution process is the most prudent, efficient and cost-effective method to successful litigation resolution. 


In mediation, our patience and dedication is key to helping both sides understand that settlement is in their best interest.  It is a fact that one-sided resolution tends to breed more controversy than resolution. 


We believe that a good settlement is one in which each side achieves at least some of their goals.


In arbitration, we allow the parties to obtain sufficient discovery to present their case fully, while still emphasing practical cost control measures.  Our Clients expect and receive suggestions and  solutions that take full advantage of our expertise in these areas.  

They value the senior and personal attention that our firm can provide. 

In all matters, the Feerick Law Office practices law in a landscape of respect, integrity and collegiality.




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